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Found 5 results

  1. PRESS RELEASERETRIBUTION AT THE HANDS OF UKSF In 1995 towards the end of British intervention in the rebellion formed by Chechen nationals, an ambush in the city of Chervlennaya saw 13 British soldiers and 1 British diplomat killed. Behind this attack was one 'Sergei Imananov' a Georgian national turned Chechen Rebel force commander. Thus far, Imananov had evaded British intelligence forces. On Sunday at 22:00 hours a successful infiltration of a compound in the North Caucasus region now known publicly as Operation FURY saw Imananov neutralised as a threat to global peace.
  2. PRESS RELEASEUKSF FORCES SUCCESS IN AL-HAWL, SYRIAUK Special Forces officer commanding, Gen. M C Smith. has today publicly praised the efforts of UKSF forces in the Al-Hawl region of Syria. Citing the success of the efforts now publicly known as Operation ANVIL he stated "The United Kingdom's commitment to providing support to this unfortunately unstable region of the Middle East is of the utmost importance. The forces deployed on operations there are a constant reminder of the pride we should take in our ability to provide such pertinent overseas military support."
  3. PRESS RELEASE UKSF PROVIDE SUPPORT IN AL-HAWL, SYRIA As IS continue to pose a threat to the state of the terror threat at both a domestic and international level; the UK government and Ministry of Defence remain committed to ensuring the regions previously held by the terrorist organisation continue to receive support across the board with both the RAF and other unnamed assets still being deployed to the South-East Asian and Middle Eastern regions in order to diminish the threat posed. Specifically, the situation in the Al-Hawl region of Syria, which borders to the east of the increasingly stable republic of Iraq has in recent months become hostile to the point that UK foreign policy has seen a rapid deployment of specialist troops to the area in order to aid the Iraqi Army & Police services currently fighting small yet well equipped 'leftover' groups of IS.
  4. PRESS RELEASEUKSF FORCES LEAVE EASTERN FINLAND The United Kingdom's military operations in eastern Finland were a significant success and personnel and equipment performed impressively, Sir James Borne head of the National Audit Office, reported to Parliament today. UKSF Forces have now left their deployment in eastern Finland as their role in Operation VIGILANT comes to an end; November saw various British armed forces fighting alongside Ruhan Kansanrintama (People's Front Of Ruha) in a bid to remove Russian backed rebel forces from the autonomous region. Various successful missions saw the rebel forces dwindled close to non-existence in a spate of UKSF led military operations. A small contingent of UK forces are now helping to make the final transitions from war-fighting to peacekeeping within the region.
  5. PRESS RELEASE UKSF INTERVENTION IN FINLAND Ruhan kansanrintama (People's Front Of Ruha) have been conducting attacks on civilian and NATO infrastructure in the Region of RUHA in Northern Finland. Due NATO forces focusing their efforts elsewhere to counter this aggression, security of the region has been left to the local Militia known as Ruhan Vapaaehtoiset Puolustusvoimat (Ruha Volunteer Defense Force). Special Operation Forces from NATO countries have been on Rotation to help the security and stability of the region as well as helping to train the RVP.
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